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Just How Do I Cite On The Web Sources?

Just How Do I Cite On The Web Sources?

Citing sites and news sources Harvard that is using referencing

In-text citations

Cite the true title associated with author/ organization accountable for the website therefore the date developed or final revised):

(Global Narcotics Control Board 1999)


Add information within the after order:

  • author (the individual or organization accountable for your website)
  • 12 months (date produced or final updated)
  • title of sponsor of web site (if available)
  • accessed time thirty days 12 months (the date you viewed your website)
  • Address or Web target (between pointed brackets). If at all possible, make sure that the Address is roofed without having a line-break.

Global Narcotics Control Board 1999, un, accessed 1 October 1999,

Particular pages or papers within a web site

In-text citations

Information includes author/authoring human anatomy name(s) and also the date produced or final revised:

(Li 2004) or: (World wellness organization 2013)


One writer:

Li, L 2014, Chinese scroll artwork H533, Australian Museum, accessed 20 February 2016, .

Organization as writer:

Add information into the after order:

  • writer (the individual or organization accountable for the website)
  • 12 months (date developed or final updated)
  • web web page name (in italics)
  • name of sponsor of web web site (if available)
  • accessed month year (the day you viewed the site day)
  • Address or Web target (pointed brackets). Continue reading Just How Do I Cite On The Web Sources?